Aladdin’s Cave On The East Side

IMG_5683We constantly seek out stores that are original in New York and that is why we LIKE John Derian’s two tiny stores on East 2nd Street.  They are a veritable Aladdin’s Cave full of treasure that John has gathered from around the world.  We poked our nose in yesterday and fell in love with everything.  We wanted one of  Hugo Guiness’ simple black and white art pieces and lusted after the delicate pottery with touches like tiny Eiffel towers. We desperately wanted a coffee cup that said Bonjour and longed for the chic dog bowls with French words inside them, despite not even having a dog.  Don’t even get us started on the furniture and lush Moroccan rugs.  We want it all, but decided to simply opt for a white resin deer’s head for $66, because hey, we all need one of those.  Go poke around and find out what you can’t live without.

John Derian6 East Second Street (Between 2nd Avenue and The Bowery).NEW YORK NY 10003

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