Terrific Tootsies

IMG_5566For years in NYC those in the know got manicures, pedicures and waxing done at Rescue Beauty Lounge.  When they closed last year it was devastating to beauty regimes across town.  People were left wondering where do you go to get a treatment that is of the standard you want, you can get an appointment the same day and most importantly to us, do a killer, foot scrubbing, toe grooming pedicure.  There are many fancy spas in the City that are expensive and pretty average.  We finally found the spa we LIKE, Haven in Soho.

The pedicure’s are outstanding, $38 (manicures $19) and done in a small quiet room with just a couple of other stations.  You have your own brand new files and tools that have never been used on another. There is an individual iPad for each person, nail polishes with no nasty chemicals and a vibe of complete escapism.

The waxing is quick, no-nonsense and expert, and done by a dedicated specialist, not the person who’s going to paint your toes, need we say more.

Haven Spa
150 Mercer Street
Soho, NY 10012
tel: 212 343 3515

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