Marvelous Marlow

IMG_5768This week we had brunch for the first time at Marlow & Sons in Williamsburg and it was love at first sight.  First of all, the food is delicious, the restaurant space ambient and beautifully lit (which we always appreciate).  When we got the check, it was crazy cheap,  which only made our love for the place stronger.

On the way out we spent literally hours browsing the front part of Marlow & Sons which is a true old school general store.  Everything is wonderfully curated and they sell gorgeous things like classic French Aigle boots, old school Stanley thermos flasks, scrumptious hand knitted blankets and sweaters, dark denim jeans and hand-made leather footballs. As usual we wanted it all.  Marlow & Sons is a fabulous place to eat, drink or just grab a chic coffee with the added bonus of being able to outfit yourself and leave looking as hip as any other grooved out Williamsburger.  What’s not to LIKE.

Marlow & Sons
81 Broadway, Williamsburg, NY 11249

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