Paper Heaven

Kino Kuniya opposite Bryant Park may be the best stationery goods store we’ve ever found. It’s a multi-story Japanese bookshop and stationery store that caters to both Japanese New Yorkers as well as well as those non-Japanese readers who are interested in Asian culture.  The first floor offers lots of books in English on fashion, photography and culture.  The second floor is stocked full of manga, hard to find Japanese toys and a neat little cafe called Cafe Zaiya, a buzzing Japanese bakery and sandwich shop.

But the department that sent us in to a complete tail spin is the stationery section on the lower ground floor.  It is stocked with the most incredible selection of notebooks, folders, pens, papers, cards, tapes, glues, compass sets, protractors, you name it.  All beautifully packaged and irresistible to us. The selection is like nothing we’ve ever seen in New York and makes Staples seem tawdry and depressing.  From now on Kino Kuniya is the only place we’ll be going to stock up.

As we left the store we spotted public ping-pong tables set up across the road in Bryant Park so just had to go and sit for a moment and watch the competitive ping-pong players perform, only in New York.

Kino Kuniya
1073 6th Avenue (between 40th and 41st Street)
New York 10018
tel: 212 869 1700

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