A Supreme Dream

Kate MossCruising down Lafayette Street recently we were amused to see lines around the block for the store Supreme.  There’s not another place in the City we can think of where people line up for days and wait patiently to buy new season clothing.

Supreme started off as just another cool NYC skate store in 1994 where cool downtown skaters became the staff and the customers.  It quickly became a destination for New York counter-culture and continues it’s cult following today.

They produce well priced super fashionable clothes which when sold out, rarely come back. Their ball caps and winter hats make anyone who wears them look instantly hip.  This season the hot item that quickly disappeared from the shelves was the t-shirt featuring Kate Moss.  Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to bag shirts featuring James Brown and Woody Alan which literally get us stopped on the street every time they’re worn.

Supreme are also famous for their skateboard decks.  Each season different artists collaborate on making the decks.  Artists in the past have included John Baldessari, Robert Longo and Damian Hirst.  They sell out quickly as you can imagine and many become expensive collectible pieces of art, plus they look super cool hung on a wall.  A Damien Hirst deck brought for around $700 a few years back just sold at auction for $20,000.

There’s no getting away from it, Supreme is probably the coolest store in the City.  Even if you’re not interested in being cool, it’s still good to know these things.

Supreme 274 Lafayette Street. NY 10012.
Supreme Skateboards

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