Get Stumped

In New York people are known to walk 20 blocks out of their way to get the perfect coffee.  Stumptown in the Ace Hotel is considered by many wizened New York coffee hounds to be the absolute best coffee joint in town and it’s band of loyal followers traipse to 29th Street daily to taste its perfect blends.

There is no place to sit and hang out here, this is for the serious coffee drinker who needs to fuel up and then rush to their next fabulous appointment.  You stand at a bench, drink your coffee and hit the road.  The fact that the shop is attached to the Ace Hotel gives the place a feeling of glamour, like you’re somehow out-of-town and grabbing a coffee on the run. The cool old school jazz that pumps through the sound system, the charming and highly trained baristas and the serious coffee drinkers ordering their simple straight up espresso drinks makes this a perfect place to grab your daily cup of joe.

If you’re not in a hurry, when you’ve finished your coffee you can browse some of the super groovy stores housed in the Ace Hotel.  You’ll find Project No.8 and Opening Ceremony.  If you’re not familiar with these stores, you’ll love them.  Opening Ceremony particularly has become one of the most cult clothing stores in the City.  They sell established designers, emerging designers and one of a kind vintage pieces. The store’s owners Humberto Leon and Carol Lim became so well-known for their killer style that they have now taken on the role as head designers at the French fashion house Kenzo.  The Ace hotel has done a terrific job of putting together some of New York’s finest stores, cafes and restaurants making this once desolate stretch of 29th Street a great new neighborhood to check out.

Stumptown Coffee in the Ace Hotel. 18 West 29th Street. NY. NY. 10001
Opening Ceremony at the Ace Hotel 
Project No.8 at the Ace Hotel

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