The Lonely Doll

This week we swung by Fred Torres’ Chelsea Gallery looking to catch the show of the photographer David LaChapelle.  We were disappointed to find it was over but found ourselves in a show we were intrigued by.  Photos of dolls and bears all around New York City.   When we took a closer look it seemed somehow like the story of a complicated relationship between a doll and a bear.

Photos of them staring out their apartment window in the rain, seeming like they’d just had a terrible fight.  An enormous photo of the couple walking alone over the void of their relationship represented by the Brooklyn Bridge.  There are photos of them happy but the one that caught our eye, is the bear spanking the doll.  It was violent and fraught with emotion.  These certainly aren’t pictures for children.

We asked about the artist and were rather surprised to find out that the photographs were taken in the 50s by a former fashion model and writer of children’s books.  Dare Wright was a model in the 50s and published a series of children’s books with photographs entitled THE LONELY DOLL.  She also worked as an artist and photographer. The book is on display as are the bear and doll in a lonely glass box.

We have to admit that art featuring a doll and a bear would usually make us run a mile, but there was something so sad about them and their complicated relationship reminded us of so many we’ve known ourselves.  

Dare Wright. The Lonely Doll. March 29th – April 28, 2012.
Fred Torres Collaborations. 527 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10001. Tel: 212 244 5074

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