Coming Clean

It’s not glamorous, it’s certainly not fashion but it is made in New York, Brooklyn to be precise and it is something we really like.  It’s Common Good, a line of cleaning products and hand soaps.  Born out of the idea by a couple of prop stylists who wanted a range of household products that were not only biodegradable, chemical free and deliciously fragrant (they use pure essential oils) but also refillable.   They were overwhelmed by the idea of how much plastic we discard and so came up with a wonderfully designed simple glass bottle that can be refilled, usually at the store from which you purchased it.

It’s fickle, but the reason we started using it was that it was the most stylish dish liquid bottle we’d ever seen.  It’s also really well priced and a lot cheaper than its competitors on the market.  But it’s the design, we can’t tell you how stylish our kitchen looks with its chic bottle of dish liquid and matching hand wash.  If you’re not going the refill route, you can buy a beautifully designed slender white plastic bottle with simple white text.  They also produce candles, soaps and cleaning products for the home.

Sold at ABC Carpet & Home, markets and health food stores around town, we love the old school way you take your beautiful glass bottle for a refill.  It saves waste and you have something pleasing to look at whenever you open your cupboard or dare we say, wash a dish.

Common Good
ABC Carpet & Home. 888 Broadway. New York. 10003. Tel: 212 473 3000



  1. …but not in Sydney 😦

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