The Delights of Dalaga

We often visit Brooklyn to find cute little independent clothing stores to score well priced fashion finds.  Manhattan has few left these days, so we were thrilled to find out that popular Brooklyn boutique Dalaga opened a Manhattan outpost last month. The original store in Greenpoint, is known for selling both emerging and cool Brooklyn designers and is a big local favorite.

Tucked away on quietly fashionable Kenmare Street in Soho, this store is packed full with up to the minute fashion.  The astounding thing is the price tag on things.  For Manhattan the prices are shocking.  A gorgeous blue polka dot dress with a Peter Pan collar by Love Audrey was $58, Brooklyn designer Alexander Grecco’s original designs are not much more and many more stunning independent designers with prices all hovering around the $40-$100 range.

We loved the smart backpacks in bright colors and stripes as well as their great range of jewelery by funky brands like Friends & Nemisis.  They also have perfumes made in Brooklyn by new young perfumers.  It’s always exciting to find a scent that can be unique to you.

A great place to swing by to pick up a party dress, a gift for a girlfriend or just an accessory you didn’t know you needed, all without breaking the bank.

Dalaga NYC.  85 Kenmare Street. NY. 10012. Tel: 646 449 8716


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