It’s pronounced Chic-kee-toe And It’s Delicious.

Many say the burger at this Chelsea restaurant is the best in New York, although Txikito (pronounced Chick-kee-toe) is far from a burger joint.  They only serve it for lunch Monday through Friday, but we are always excited to eat at this terrific restaurant any day or night.

A gorgeous little restaurant on a quiet but now very foodie block of Chelsea (Company and Sullivan Street Bakery are right next door) this is one of our favorite places to eat.  We love the design of the restaurant with its natural wood walls and cement floors.  The entire front is opened, weather permitting, so even though you are sitting inside, it makes the place incredibly airy and of course, you get to watch the world go by.

The menu is tapas from the Basque region of Spain and is out of this world.  Lots of original and mouth-watering tiny dishes make this a great restaurant to experience a wonderful range of flavors.  We always order the Bocata, a warm sandwich of unsmoked bacon and cheese and the Pikillos, roasted Navarran sweet peppers no matter what.  Our favorite salad is the Eskarola, frisee, garlic infused olive oil, sea salt and parsely, it’s simple and so yummy we often order two.  Their spicy french fries with spicy cod roe mayo are impossible to resist. Ever changing seasonal dishes are splendid and we always dive in blindly and order them with thrilling results.

The wine is also Basque and absolutely terrific.  It compliments the food beautifully and adds to that feeling of special deliciousness that we are always seeking out.  Txikito’s bar is one of the best in town.  We adore sitting at the sturdy corner bar, ordering a few small tapas dishes and a delicious glass of wine and chatting.  The bar staff are always friendly and well informed about the food and wine and happy to chat which gives you the feeling that you belong in this lovely space.  The fact that the entire bar is wide open adds to the laid back vibe and is simply the icing on the cake at this delicious Chelsea find.

Txikito. 240 9th Avenue. Between 24th & 25th Street. New York. 10001



  1. Great blog and I am SO going there in the next few days now! Can’t wait! Thank you ! 🙂

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