All That Glitters Is Not Gold… In This Case it’s A Brass Bicycle

tumblr_m4cm37kHFe1rnuusro4_1280We love it when everyday objects are elevated to pieces of art and yet remain completely functional at the same time.  We’ve just discovered one such item to be coveted.  A brass bicycle as shiny as shiny can be.  It gleams and sparkles and instills that feeling you had as a child of desperately needing that shiny red wagon or bright new scooter.

It’s a simple bicycle, in fact a design so common in the Netherlands, it’s know as Oma Fiets which literally means “grandma bike” in Dutch.  Designed by cool Dutch product designers, Van Heesch, they decided to use this archetypal bike.  The model hasn’t changed for 100 years and is perhaps, the best city bike in Holland. It’s sturdy design means that nothing can be broken and if it is, then it’s easy to repair. All the parts are brass plated which means the bike will not rust as the years pass.  Thus, a new and wildly beautiful bike is born, simply named Dutch Bicycle.

The owners of the design store, reGeneration discovered the Dutch Bicycle at Model Citizens, an off beat design show of emerging artists that ran downtown in New York earlier this year. They loved it so much, they decided to stock it in their Soho store and now have the exclusive right to sell it here.  As well as the brass finish featured on the bike in this article, it can also be plated in Copper or Zinc (which looks more like a flat stainless steel).

If you ride this bike, you have to be prepared for people to stop you, photograph you and talk to you about your bike.  You absolutely have to be prepared for the attention. Just look at the video below of the Dutch Bike being ridden through Paris and you’ll get the drift.  We can’t think of anything more fabulous, a mode of transportation and a piece of legendary design at the same time.  This bicycle is like buying a classic luxury car, it will last forever and you’ll always get people wanting to talk to you about it.

reGeneration.  38 Renwick Street. NY. 10013. 212-741-2102
Dutch Bicycle. Exclusively available in the U.S. at reGeneration
Description/finishes:  Available in brass and copper plate
Price: $6800

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