Tru Love

Finding the perfect tote bag is like the ultimate score. We are always on the hunt for the bag that is both stylish and functional.  Recently we stumbled upon just such a thing, the Tru Tru bag, the perfect tote, designed and made right here in New York City.

As is our way, we had to track down the story behind the bag.  Tru Tru Bags are designed by New Yorker, Karen Sachs, who has worked for years as a fashion stylist and designer.  In fact, for many years Tru Tru was a thriving handbag line that was flying high, sold in all the big stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Fred Segal,  but she decided to suddenly close it down.  She focused on family and when she was diagnosed with cancer, her sole focus was to work to beat it, and that she did.  Feeling blessed and so lucky to have her health back on her side, she decided to once again make her highly sought after bags and we are thrilled.

At the moment, the bags come only in one silhouette, the most popular design from her original line, the classic tote. Available in 6 gorgeous colors, it’s made of imported Italian leather and hair calf.  One of our favorite features is the removable bottom, which means the bag can either be slouchy or more structured.

The unique style and vibrant pop of color make them the perfect complement to any outfit and quite frankly, one of those bags that just makes you feel happy whenever you pick it up.  Right now they are available at Steven Alan and Brooklyn Denim Company in Williamsburg. – website coming soon
Steven Alan Annex. 103 Franklin Street. New York. NY. 10013. Tel: 212 343 0692
Brooklyn Denim Company. 85 North 3rd Street. Williamsburg. NY. 11211. Tel 718 782 2600


  1. Love the blue cow!!!

  2. charlotte says:

    I want one

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