When Pigs Fly

No matter what night of the week we show up, the Spotted Pig always has a line.  The food is so legendary at this West Village spot, that people are prepared to patiently wait their turn and you guessed it, they don’t take bookings.

The chef, April Bloomfield, although British, is now a rock star famous New York chef, with a cult following of devotees.  She just published a book A Girl and Her Pig,  which despite the cover of her holding an uncooked pig, showcases her marvellous cooking skills and features a terrific “veg” section as well as  “meat without feet”.

The Spotted Pig is more of a gastro-pub than a restaurant, which really is just a fancy name for the fact that there’s a kicking cosy bar scene at the front of the restaurant and a lively casual British pub feeling throughout the joint.  The restaurant is chock full of little pig plates, pig figurines, there’s no escaping that this is a meat lovers paradise, but there are lovely fish and veggies dishes here too.  They serve one of the best burgers in town, it comes char grilled on a brioche bun with crumbled Roquefort cheese. It’s a total foodie farm to table place with great local produce, making for divine seasonal dishes.

The restaurant is literally hidden away on a West Village back street, the entire place is camouflaged by giant pots of herbs, flowers and trees.  It doesn’t stop people finding it, but they make the wait comfortable, with a great bar scene or a quiet bench outside for watching the world go by.

The Spotted Pig. 314 West 11th Street. New York. 10014. Tel: 212 620 0393



  1. We loved The Spotted Pig! The atmosphere that Xmas Eve was just wonderful. It was my first time to “The Big Apple” and it was on my list! It didn’t disappoint.

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