The Lady In The Brown Pants

When we went to check out the new group show at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise yesterday, we noticed with joy that we had the enormous gallery to ourselves. Well almost, there was a lone woman wearing brown pants standing in the middle of the main space, intently staring at one of the paintings.

We toured the show, particularly enjoying the vibrantly colored oils in the back gallery by Ella Kruglyanskaya in her solo show Woman! Painting! Woman! 

We also loved the large ceramic pink shoes by Robert Arneson in the Group Shoe curated by Joe Bradley.

Upon returning back to the main gallery space, we noticed that the woman hadn’t moved an inch since we arrived.  This made us feel strange, we looked at her and she didn’t look like the average Manhattan gallery goer. Was she a crazy lady or someone so moved by the art that she couldn’t drag herself away?  Something was wrong so we walked closely up to her and nearly fell over when we realized she was indeed a life like sculpture by artist Duane Hanson.  It’s not often that we are taken by surprise to this degree and we were absolutely charmed.

If you check out the show, don’t forget to visit the tiny room to the left of the office which contains rainbow tires filled with candy and two striking paintings perfectly juxtaposed.

We hope we haven’t ruined the surprise for you.  Maybe you could check out the show with a friend and not tell them about the lady in the brown pants so they too can be charmed.

Ella Kruglyanskaya. Woman! Painting! Woman! June 28th thru July 30th, 2012
Group Shoe. Curated by Joe Bradley. June 28th thru July 30th, 2012
Gavin Brown’s Enterprise. 620 Greenwich Street. NY. 10014. Tel: 212 627 5258


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