Beads of Paradise

Quite by accident, we chanced upon an extraordinary store on East 17th Street last week.  Beads of Paradise is chock full of every kind of bead known to man, a one stop shop to get your groovy summer jewelery at a great price.  Pick your beads, your leather cord and take it home and make something unique and super beachy.  If crafting is not your cup of tea, you can have the staff make it for you.

They carry gold and silver beads as well as crystal and glass and all the jewelery making paraphernalia you may need. On weekends they run a “Findings Crash Course” jewelry making class for beginners.

There’s all kinds of treasures from South East Asia, India, Indonesia, China, the Middle East, and Mexico.  As well as beads and jewelery, there are bags, shawls, fringe, tassels, scarves and all manner of things to make your summer look a bit more bohemian jet setter.

Beads of Paradise. 16 East 17th Street . New York. NY. 10003. Tel: 212 620 0642



  1. Brenda Wollstein says:

    Just looking at this magnificent website with your mother Audrey!! Can’t wait to send on to my daughter in Sydney, she will love it!! Brenda (Oamaru Library)……..was a neighbour/friend of your Aunt Dorenna.

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