Full To The Brim

Brimfield Market is the biggest flea market on the East Coast.  It takes place over the course of five days, three times a year and it’s happening this week.

The market is in the small village of Brimfield, Massachusetts with antique dealers and collectors from around the world descending upon this tiny town, looking for a find.

Despite the searing heat this week, we drove three hours from New York to check it out. We had done our research and found a darling little place to stay called the Red Maple Inn, that had antique filled rooms and a great breakfast.

On Thursday we hit the market and were instantly overwhelmed by how many vendors and fields there were.  We trekked through field after field of bric a brac looking for the perfect find. After day one of not finding what we’d hoped, we ate dinner at the delicious and relaxed Cedar Street Grille and discussed our plans for day two. One person in our group’s sole mission was to find a specific type of oil painting she collects for her groovy Lower East loft.  Ours was simply to check out this legendary market and come back to Manhattan with something special, but secretly we had romantic notions of finding a vintage Chanel handbag from the 60s or something equally mindblowing.

It turned out to be more of flea market than perhaps we had expected and we didn’t find that Chanel bag we had dreamed about.  We were to hot to be thorough, but still in the sense of adventure, we scoured through booth after booth and found a great lucite magazine holder from the 60s, a unique wooden teak tray and some wonderful estate jewellery.

The market runs through this weekend so if you fancy a three hour drive, you too can be traipsing through the fields of Brimfield this weekend, finding your treasure.

Details of Our Trip

The Brimfield Antiques Show. Brimfield, Massachusetts. (May, July, September)
2012 Shows. July 10-15th. September 4-9th. 

We Stayed at:

The Red Maple Inn. 217 Main Street. Spencer. Massachusetts. Tel: 508 885 9205

We Ate At:

The Cedar Street Grille. 12 Cedar Street. Sturbridge. Massachusetts. Tel:508 347 5800
 The Red Maple Inn

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