Simply Good Coffee

IMG_07429th Street Espresso is one of the best coffee spots in the City.  The baristas are coffee purists, you won’t find a vanilla shot or hazelnut latte here.  It’s pure coffee excellence through and through.

Having spent 10 years perfecting their coffee brew their menu is simple. Recently they changed the way their menu works and now refuse to have names for their espresso drinks, so don’t even think of asking for a latte.

Apart from brewed or urn coffee, they offer only espresso or espresso with milk, it’s that simple. They believe there is no difference between a cappuccino or a latte, it’s all espresso and the amount of milk you like varies with the style you order.  Therefore, at 9th Street Espresso, you simply choose the amount of milk you require with your espresso from 4 sizes.  There’s a 3 oz (macchiato), a 6 oz (cappuccino) and two other larger sizes and that’s it.

They won’t deviate from their pure and simple menu. If you don’t like it, it doesn’t matter to them as the coffee is so perfectly good, the line is always super long.

They have three locations, all downtown, and we’ll happily trek miles to any of them for our daily coffee fix.

9th Street Espresso.
Locations: Tompkins Square Park. 341 East 10th Street . New York. NY. Tel: 212 777 3508
Alphabet City. NY. Tel: 212 358 9225
Chelsea Market. 75 9th Avenue. NY. NY.  10011. Tel: 212 228 2930

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