That’s So Cheesy

Murray’s Cheese Shop on Bleeker Street is a New York institution that much like a fine cheddar,  only seems to get better with age.  Murray’s has been serving fine cheese since 1940 and takes pride in searching the globe to find the tastiest and most perfect cheeses for discerning New Yorker’s to croon over.

Weekends are a zoo, with people lining up to try to buy exotic and local cheeses from the experts.  It’s one of those wonderful cheesy experiences where the guys behind the counter really will help you find that “drunken goat cheese with a grey skin that you think you tried in a restaurant in Paris last year” or at least something very similar.

A reasonably new counter in store is their grilled cheese section.  Here they serve up yummy sandwiches and salads to go. They also sell wonderful bread from places like Sullivan Street Bakery, incredible local upstate dairy products and crackers, jellys, olive oils, Mast Bros chocolate from Brooklyn and fresh pasta.

Many of their amazing products, including their cheeses are available to buy online.  They also run fabulous cheese classes like “cheese 101” and “cheese and beer” but the list is endless.  This place is a cheese mecca and a wonderful old New York institution.

Murray’s Cheese. 254 Bleeker Street. NY. Tel: 212 243 3289


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