The Best Indian Food In New York

All of our Indian friends say that Saravanaa Bhavan is the best Indian restaurant in New York City.  We tried for weeks to go there on the weekend and every time there was a long line outside, so we gave up.

Yesterday we thought we’d give it another go.  Lunchtime, mid week, summer, we had to be able to get a table.  We were right, we walked right in and there was actually one table still available.

The menu initially confused us and we so wished we’d come with some Indian friends to explain the delicacies floating past us to other tables.  Eventually we just started leaning over to other tables and asking diners what they had ordered.  This served us well, we ordered a mouth-watering dosa, a plate of curries with whole wheat naan and a vegetable baji.

Everything was washed down by fresh mango lassi to drink.  In this all vegetarian restaurant, the spices were sensory heaven and the flavors out of this world.  It was love at first bite and now we are planning our lives around trying to eat there all the time.

The sleek modern white interior, with huge windows onto the world outside, gives a wonderful ambiance and energy to the all around delicious experience.

Saravanaa Bhavan. 81 Lexington Avenue. At 26th Street. NY. Tel: 212 679 0204



  1. MMMMMmmmmm. I plan to go have Indian food this Saturday. 🙂

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