The Bucket List

Trawling through our favorite New York stores this week, we’ve noticed a distinct trend in winter bags.  Nearly every label has a version of the bucket shaped bag. At Jeffrey they are featuring the streamlined looking Balenciaga bag with the simple black pocket.  Quite a departure from the Balenciaga bag of seasons past with its long fringe, to something practical and classic in style.

Barneys uptown has a wonderful collection of the new Marni bags.  We love the white sheepskin Marni bag in this new bucket shape. Super fun for winter, it will certainly funk up and winter outfit.

Always on top of the latest trend, Marc by Marc Jacobs has a fun low priced, water-resistant blue one.  WANT le essentiels la vie have a wonderful range of bags in this very of the moment, yet classic shape.

Any of these bags are not only an instant wardrobe update this season, but also an incredibly practical bag for running around New York.

Barneys New York. 660 Madison Avenue. NY. Tel: 212 826 8900
Jeffrey New York.  449 West 14th Street. NY. Tel: 212 206 1272


  1. One sheepskin Marni for me, please…

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