MZ Wallace Sample Sale

IMG_1504We recently attended a birthday party for a bag.  Not something we would ordinarily do but this bag is a legendary piece of New York style.  The Jane bag by MZ Wallace was one of the best bags we ever had and they were celebrating its 5th birthday.

Today, starting at noon, MZ Wallace are having an online sample sale.  Their first in years.  Their bags which are so synonymous with New York, can be had by anyone anywhere in the world today for an absolute bargain.  Bags are $150 but then drop down to $100 for each additional bag, so get together with a friend and go shopping.  Their cosmetic bags and accessories are a mere $10 and wallets just $40.  If you like them on Facebook you can get a one hour head start to shop before anyone else.

We can’t stand the stampede of a popular sample sale, but love to go online and check out what we like from our computer.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and score the famous Jane bag from seasons past or find another design that you’ll fall in love with.






  1. Anonymous says:

    I need the address for the mz wallace sample sale

  2. Sue Doonan says:

    I have several MZ Wallace bags & love them. I have told many others who have purchased them also, but how do I clean my light color beige one

  3. Hi you have a really cool blog. I love this picture. Bags are my favorite sin. Thanks for visiting my page. I just started a new youtube channel where I post the videos footage from my fashion shoots. Please come support me by subscribing to my channel. I would really appreciate your help and support. Xoxo, Jax

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