Bury Me At Bergdorf’s

On Christmas Eve in 1970 Yoko Ono called the fur department of Bergdorf Goodman and said she’d like to buy some furs and could they come over with a selection.  The store was about to close but the sales clerk packed up the coats and took them over to John and Yoko’s apartment in the Dakota building.  Yoko opened the door and asked him to wait and wait he did, 2 long hours later she came back to him with John Lennon and they bought 80 fur coats.


This is one of the many extraordinary New York stories we learnt from the new movie “Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf’s” which screened last night at the legendary Paris Theatre.  The movie sets out to show that there is nowhere in the world quite like Bergdorf Goodman.  Grace Kelly ordered her wedding invitations here, Jacqueline Kennedy got her dress for her husband’s inaugural ball and many famous designers got their big breaks here.

We found this movie totally fascinating as it took us on a journey through the glamorous fashion past and present of New York’s ultimate fashion mecca.

Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf’s.Directed by Mathew Miele. Coming to theatres in New York soon.


  1. I must go and see that movie!
    (and yes! It’s working now)

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