Cutting It Out In New York

The opening night party last night for legendary English artist Rob Ryan was a terribly British affair.  Gin and Tonics were in abundance as guests viewed with delight, the exquisite artworks.

Ryan is often refered to as a “national treasure” in his native England where he has been creating intricate paper cuts for over 20 years.  His themes are might we say, happy, uplifting somehow, with his focus on creating works based on the simple joys of life and companionship.  The photos in this piece don’t do the works justice, as to see them in person, they are so complex and detailed, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could possible cut out paper so carefully and to such spectacular effect.

We have one of his pieces hanging at home which simply says “this bell will ring when people say that we are boring” with a picture of a beautiful young man reclining in a tree.  Every time we look at it, it just reminds us to have fun.

The show is only up for two weeks to coincide with the publication of his wall calendar by Rizzoli so time of is of the essence to view it.

As fans Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton so aptly put it “Rob Ryan cuts out dreams”.

Rob Ryan. Our Adventure Is About To Begin.  SOHOTEL Artspace Gallery . 345 Broome Street.  New York .NY 10013. September 18 – 30, 2012
Rob Ryan

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