A Warm Home

When Warm, the NoLiTa boutique opened earlier this year, it was an instant hit with the groovy Downtown set.  A unique store selling thoughtful, hard to find super cool clothes and accessories, naturally the décor in the store was fabulous.  So cool in fact, that customers began asking if they could buy some of the unique interior pieces.

Winnie Beattie, the store’s owner, came up with the idea to collaborate with Kim Ficaro, Domino Magazine’s on staff stylist, to bring together all things artisanal, hand crafted and luxe for the home.  Thus Warm HOME was born as its own dedicated boutique within a boutique.

Warm HOME is one of those special stores you just want to spend time in, hang out and browse through and discover all the beautiful finds.  That’s easy when they sell cutting boards from Italy, hand carved chairs from Mexico and hand dyed one of a kind quilts by Brooklyn based Upstate. You’ll also find exclusive items like sumptuous Llama Pendleton rugs, hand made ceramics from Eric Bonnin and rare vintage books.

Warm. 181 Mott Street. New York. Tel: 212 925 1200



  1. Lalaurice says:

    Looks like an addictive store. Wish I could buy it all!

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