Not Your Mother’s Apron

Over the years we’ve gathered, not by choice, ornate aprons that at some point had belonged to grandmother, an aunt or mother.  Worn in the golden day of good housekeeping, they somehow fell out of fashion and to the back of our cupboards.

All that has changed recently with the introduction of hip and stylish aprons you actually want to wear.

We love the collection by John Robshaw.  With their classic and stylish hand-made Indian block prints, these work equally well for men or women and make throwing on an apron, suddenly a chic style statement.

We also adore the aprons made by Royal Jelly Harlem.  The vibrant African prints and cute fashion frills, make these the perfect apron to throw on while entertaining. These will also be available in the MZ Wallace Holiday collection later this year.

Feeling anything but old-fashioned, wearing a fabulous apron so as not to ruin an outfit, has become an essential for us. With these modern designs, throwing on an apron has become a practical style statement.

John Robshaw Textiles
Royal Jelly Harlem
Model Wears Royal Jelly Harlem Apron
John Robshaw Textiles “Diving” Apron (Right)
John Robshaw Textiles “Mitra” Apron (Below)
Royal Jelly Harlem “Lily” Apron (Bottom)

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