A Great Yarn At the New Museum

DSC_0179Every now and again, a museum has a large-scale show that completely blows our minds. Opening today at the New Museum is one such show, Rosemarie Trockel’s breathtaking exhibition, her first solo show in New York in over 10 years.  This is not a retrospective of her work, but rather, to lure this extraordinary artist to create such an enormous undertaking, a look in to her mind.

Aptly named “A Cosmos” Trockelsets out to create a world where her art sits alongside pieces of other artists that she considers kindred spirits. She brings together a range of associations and references from art history, philosophy, theology, and the natural sciences. Artists she has choosen include James Castle, Morton Bartlett, and the botanist/ mathematician José Celestino Mutis.  We also loved her selection of three paintings by the orangutan named Tilda.

Since the early 1970s, Rosemarie Trockel has produced an impressive body of work that includes drawing, collage, installation, “knit paintings,” ceramics, videos, furniture, clothing, and books.  A stunning selection of her celebrated “knit” pieces are on show, and  if you haven’t seen them before, prepare to be amazed.  Enormous canvases of knitting and vertically placed yarn in rich dark hues, elevate this simple craft to a piece of high art. The same can be said for her newly created ceramic series, sculptured and turned in to abstract objects as well as carefully designed wall sized art pieces.  For us it was the use of materials in this show that was so extraordinary, such simple materials as yarn and ceramics turned in to art forms that we will think about for months to come.

Rosemarie Trockel: A Cosmos. The New Museum. 235 Bowery. New York. 1. Tel: 212 219 1222. October 24th – January 20th  2014.


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