The Adorable Art of Hugo Guinness

There’s something exceedingly charming about the art of Hugo Guinness.  A dapper Londoner who resides in New York, whose subjects are everyday objects and phrases presented in a simple and often humorous way.

Creating linocuts as well as hand drawn pieces, his artwork focuses on unexpected subjects such as underpants, battleships and oven mitts. There’s something charming about the simplicity of his work, much of which is framed in one of a kind vintage frames, giving it an instant heirloom feel.

His illustrations have appeared in Vogue magazine and movies like The Royal Tenenbaums. The movie’s director Wes Anderson is one of his biggest fans as is Vogue magazine’s discerning editor Anna Wintour.

An extensive selection of his work is sold at the delightfully eclectic John Derian store in New York.  When not working on shows for John Derian’s store, you’ll find Hugo sketching away for the New Yorker.

John Derian. 6 East Second Street between 2nd Avenue and the Bowery. New York, NY 10003. Tel: (212) 677-3917




  1. My absolute favourite store in New York…

  2. I would love to have a wall like that in the picture! so cute.

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