Jonathan Simkhai’s New York

JonathanSimkhai_portrait5_b&wJonathan Simkhai is a New Yorker with great personal style.  He launched his women’s wear collection in 2010 and it has quickly become known for its sophisticated yet modern edge.

His collections are influenced by mens fashion with wonderful strong shapes and tailoring.  Inspired by beautiful fabrics like cashmere, wool, cotton and silk used within his designs, he brings forth classic style translated into sexy and feminine silhouettes.

We always love asking New Yorker’s about their favorite things about the City from which they draw so much inspiration and here, Jonathan shares his Top 5 things he loves to do in his home town.

Barneys New York. 660 Madison Avenue. New York. Tel:212 826 8900
Izekaya Ten Japanese Restaurant. 207 10th Avenue. New York. Tel:212 627 7777
The Frick Collection. 1 East 70th Street. New York. Tel:212 288 0700
KCDC. 85 N. 3rd Street. Williamsburg. Brooklyn. NY. Tel: 718 387 9006
Village Tavern. 46 Bedford Street.  New York. Tel: 212 741 1935

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