New York’s Latest “It” Restaurant

The Beatrice Inn, hidden away discreetly on 12th Street in the West Village, officially opened this month and is enjoying its moment as the “it” restaurant in the City.

Owned by Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter and Emil Varda, a legendary and charming Manhattan maître d’, the Beatrice Inn is housed in what was once a hip dive club run by DJ Paul Sevigney.  It’s grotty past is well behind it and now on any given night, you’ll be likely to see super models, movie stars and a very we dressed Manhattan crowd, chowing down on former Per Se sous chef Brian Nasworthy’s upscale steakhouse menu.

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Antique filled and classically elegant, its entrance is hidden down stairs below street level at the bottom of an unassuming apartment block in the West Village.  The only giveaway is the original Beatrice Inn sign that has hung on the side of the building since its early days as a neighborhood Italian restaurant.

Like any hip new spot, it has been open secretly for the past few months, with Anna Wintour kicking off the opening back in September with a private dinner.  It is now open to the general public for reservations but like anywhere that’s the hot spot of the moment, getting a reservation may be a challenge.  If you’re dying to check it out, this quiet holiday weekend is probably the perfect opportunity.  Reservations are only by email.

The Beatrice Inn. 285 West 12th Street. New York. For Reservations Email:

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  1. it’s = it is
    its shows possession — as in “its moment as the ‘it’ restaurant” and “its grotty past”

  2. yes, the terror of the typo!

  3. Another good post on your blog, keep up good work!

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