Free Your Fingers

A modern New York dilemma is how the heck do you text when it’s below freezing outside. Everyone knows our smart phones don’t work through gloves and having to peel them off to make a call or text will almost give you frostbite at this time of year.  We’ve tracked down the answer to the problem, texting gloves.

There are all kinds of choices, like the simple ones sold at Jack Spade (left) that feature fold down thumb caps for texting.  But we love the high-tech ones sold at places like the outdoor megastore REI.  They stock a vast range including a simple pair priced at $30(right) that have conductive threads woven into the wool that allow the user to use a touch screen without having to remove any part of the glove.  The North Face (below) have the Etip glove which has conductive fabric on the thumbs and forefingers allowing easy use of your device.

Steven Alan carry a rather traditional looking style of wool gloves in colors like olive-green and grey which have conductive material in the forefinger and thumb.

Conductive gloves or texting gloves, whatever you want to call them, make a terrific gift for that hard to buy person who seemingly has everything.

Jack Spade. 400 Bleeker Street. New York. 10014. Tel:212 675 4085
REI. 303 Lafayette Street. New York. 10012. Tel: 680 1938
The North Face. 139 Wooster Street. New York. Tel: 212 260 1000


  1. Hard for us to imagine down here – it’s supposed to hit over 40 degrees on Saturday (That’s over 105 in US speak!)

  2. I love this–an answer to a problem I didn’t know they had an answer for!

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