New York’s Best Croissant


We recently discovered that Sullivan Street Bakery make the best croissant in New York City.  Maybe it’s the best in the world (sorry Paris, it really is very good).  We’re not sure what the secret is, all we know is that it is so perfectly delicious and sweet, it doesn’t even require butter or jam, which is saying something because we love butter and jam.

Sullivan Street Bakery opened in Chelsea quietly last year and has quickly become a neighborhood favorite.  Baking delectable bread, brioche, slices of simple artisan pizza, bombolinis (Italian donuts) and the amazing croissants.  At lunchtime they serve sandwiches which are so memorable, we think about their greatness every time we walk past the bakery.

The bakery has seating for around 50 people and the space is bright and airy.  They serve a wonderful all day breakfast with dishes like poached eggs served on their signature bread.  The coffee they serve is superb and very Italian which is just how we like it. Beer and wine is also on the menu, making dinner or drinks here a great idea.

Sullivan Street Bakery is owned by Jim Lahey, who also has another spectacular joint a few doors down, Co-pane, one of New York’s best gourmet pizza restaurants.

We love Sullivan Street Bakery’s laid back feel, great food and friendly staff, a great place to grab lunch, coffee or the best croissant you’ve ever had.

Sullivan Street Bakery. 236 9th Avenue. New York. Tel: 212 929 5900



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