The Cat’s Meow

IMG_3032It’s official, the moment of the hipster Wayfarer sunglasses is over.  The most fashionable eye-glass choice you can make this year will be the cats eye.

This season many of the coolest fashion houses like Acne, Tom Ford, Stella McCartney, Opening Ceremony and Prada have put out versions of the 1950s classic. Some are just a casual nod to the classic cats eye style with a slight lift on the edges (Tom Ford), others go all out and are emblazoned with extra details like sparkles or flowers.

At the fall shows in New York we spied lots of cats eye sunglasses on the sharpest dressed fashionistas attending the shows, making a perfect statement with their fabulous outfits.


Opening Ceremony Flower Glasses

All the mannequins in one of New York’s most fashion forward boutiques,  Opening Ceremony,  are rocking out their own brand flower cats eye sunglasses ($165) which look fantastic. The best thing about a pair of the new cats eye glasses is that no matter what you wear, putting on a pair of these will make you feel like the cats meow.

Opening Ceremony. 35 Howard Street. NY. 10013. Tel: 212 219 2688





  1. Love the Opening Ceremony glasses!

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