A Room With A View

DSC_0016David S. Allee’s spellbinding photographs taken while looking out of a myriad of windows in New York, look more like paintings than photographs.  What’s surprising is that not one of the photos has been digitally manipulated.  Each image is just as the photographer captured it. The view out of each window is just somehow so unreal, it’s hard to believe these pieces are simply photographs.

Every image in the show depicts a different yet powerful view of New York, from the image taken from a Brooklyn loft looking towards the iconic Manhattan skyline to the window that stares out at a brick wall (a far too familiar New York reality). Allee manages to capture the magnitude and variety of vistas this vast city has to offer.  By focusing his camera on the window frame rather than the view itself, these images of New York instantly seem like perfectly composed paintings.

David S. Alee. Frame Of View. Morgan Lehman. 535 West 22nd Street. New York. NY. 10011. Tel: 212 268 6699. Closes February 16th, 2013DSC_0021


  1. I love windows!

  2. That’s a really cool project!

  3. Love this! They look so real just like paintings! Amazing work!

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