Sunset In Chelsea

DSC_0021Doug Aitken’s show at 303 Gallery is oddly peaceful considering the cement centre of the gallery floor has been completely dug out. It’s filled with carefully choreographed dripping water which drips in a constantly changing pattern, turning the falling water in to music.  A pool of milky white water swirls inside the dug out hole and far across the gallery a wall is smashed through and inside a sculpture resembling lava rock spells out sunset.  The artist has managed to create that restful feeling you get while at looking at a sunset, all from the confines of a Chelsea gallery.

The show continues in another room with pieces like a sculpture spelling the word art while a flow of melted chocolate-colored earth moves continuously over it.  It’s hypnotizing to watch and takes all your energy not to reach out and touch the liquid as it moves.  Doug Aitken’s spectacular show is one that will remain with us long after the show has closed.

Doug Aitken “100 Years”.  303 Gallery 547 West 21st Street. New York. 10011. Closes March 23rd, 2013




  1. Hey! We visit the same places!

  2. Judith Levin says:

    Closes soon

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