Treasure Hunting In Brooklyn

P1000724Caitlin Mociun’s amazing emporium in Williamsburg is one of those truly special stores where you can waste hours discovering the many beautiful wares they have artfully displayed.  Mociun is best known for the incredible and unique fine jewelery she creates, much of which is on display in minimalist wooden display cases throughout the store.  With many one of a kind pieces, earingsexquisitely hand crafted out of stones like exotic black diamonds and turquoise, it’s the kind of jewelery you fall head over heals in love with.

Much of the airy corner store is filled with lovely home goods, accessories and hand-made ceramics. With a love of recycled, organic and local products, this is one of those places that you not only find that special thing you’ve been looking for, but you feel good buying it too.

Mociun.  224 Wythe Street (corner of North 4th Street). Williamsburg. New York. 11249


  1. Great post.

  2. I love all those rings!

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