Take A Field Trip

photoWe were so excited yesterday when Field Trip, Google’s new “killer app” launched on the iPhone.  We think it might just revolutionize how we live our everyday lives.  A free app that sends you a message anytime you’re near something you’d find interesting.  You set it up for however you want to use it, telling it what your interests are and how often you want information.  If you’re not in the mood for updates, you just turn it off.  When you want to explore again just turn it back on and all the information is still there.

To prove that it’s cool, Field Trip has sought out interesting and authentic content partners, like WhatWeLikeNYC.  To say that we are obsessed by Field Trip would be an understatement.  Walking down the street yesterday, we were thrilled to realize so many great new things in our neighborhood that we didn’t even know about.

Whether you’re a tourist or someone from Manhattan out in hipster Brooklyn looking for a great restaurant, locally made furniture, or shopping for the coolest shoes of the season, Field Trip will hook you up, giving you the ultimate insiders guide to wherever you are. Download Field Trip at





  1. That’s incredible.

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