At War With The Obvious

5._Untitled__1971_EgglestonWhen we think of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we often think of their collection of masterpieces, antiquities and of course the amazing Costume Institute exhibitions.  But what we often forget, is tucked away in their vast building are many other exceptional shows we might not discover without specific knowledge that the show is on.  One such show is the wonderful William Eggleston exhibition which opened last month.

William Eggleston emerged in the early 1960s as a pioneer of modern color photography.  He once wrote that he was “at war with the obvious” which resonates with his extraordinary photographs of seemingly everyday landscapes and commonplace subjects. Eggleston’s break through moment happened in the 1960s was when he started to use dye-transfer color process in his work, something that previously had only been used by commercial photographers for advertising products.

The show celebrates the Met’s recent acquisition of 37 Eggleston works which adds to their already impressive collection of his work.  His photographs have endured as a touchstone for generations of artists and filmmakers from Nan Goldin to the Coen brothers to David Lynch for good reason, each one manages to be incredibly thought provoking in it’s own simple way.

At War With The Obvious: Photographs by William Eggleston. Closes July 28th, 2013. Exhibition Location: The Howard Gilman Gallery, 852 , The Metropolitan Museum Of Art. 1000 5th Avenue. New York
1-1._Untitled_(Memphis)_Eggleston3._Untitled_(Memphis)_1971_Eggleston7._Untitled_(Greenwood,_Mississippi)_Eggleston2._Untitled_(Mississippi)_EgglestonImages from top:
William Eggleston (American, born 1939)
Untitled 1971 Dye-transfer print
Untitled (Memphis) 1970 Dye-transfer print
Untitled (Mississippi) ca. 1970 Dye-transfer print
Untitled (Greenwood, Mississippi) 1980 Dye-transfer print
Untitled (Louisiana) 1980 Dye-transfer print
The Metropolitan Museum of Art (2012.301) © Eggleston Artistic Trust

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