The Secret To Riding A Bike In A Skirt

girlonbikeAlison Lucien knows her accessories. Having worked at Norma Kamali, Steve Madden, and Saks Fifth Avenue, she understands that the right bag or earrings can take a vintage dress from kitsch to cool. And the same goes for bikes. Lost in a sea of unflattering spandex bike shorts and so tired of heavy metal racks and baskets, she was inspired to start Eleanor’s stylish bicycle accessories for ladies.  With spring hopefully on its way, we asked Alison to write a guest post on that age-old problem of how the heck do you ride a bike in a skirt?

3 tips to keep you chic when you cycle in a skirt

by Alison Lucien
6waeoA5B-gvj2nXvWlW3k4AtCRaIG-Dycx4cbHh79JYIt’s just about that time, folks. As the mercury inches slowly up, we’re ready to drop trou and break out the skirts. But, if you’re a lady cyclist, you know that’s sometimes easier said than done. So what do you do if you get around by bike and don’t want forgo great skirted looks for fear of immodesty or inconvenience?  We’ve been there.  So we put together three tips to help you look chic (and stay comfortable) when you cycle in a skirt.
1. Avoiding tight-fitting skirts is key.  While we’re not saying it can’t be done, it’s much easier to avoid an unintentional peep-show if you’ve got a bit more fabric to work with. Pencil skirts and sleek dresses not only tend to ride up and make you feel a bit more, shall we say, exposed, but the tension on the garment as you pedal might wrinkle your outfit and give you a disheveled look once you arrive at your destination.
2.Use a skirt garter clip. In the same vein, a skirt garter clip, like the one from Bird Industries, can help keep your ensemble in placeDxDL9rOw_cYjNz5BlqFEK5u9vcpaCO5RuF9plt2jHjY when you ride. The discreet little garter holds you hemline securely so you can ride without worrying about sudden breezes or getting your skirt stuck in your spokes.
3.And of course, the tried and true knot method. We’ve found that often the most effective way to cycle in a skirt is to gather the excess fabric and, well, tie into a knot. Knotting your skirt or sundress assures that it won’t blow around or get wrapped up in your spokes. It also maintains your modesty: a skirt can’t go rogue if you’re keeping it securely in place.
Eleanor’s Stylish Bicycle Accessories For Ladies
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  1. ooh I liked the little clip idea. i took some pics on Melbourne cycling style a little while ago – a number of younger ones wear shorts underneath – but i did think there’s more to be done in supporting the female cyclist who is not looking for lycra. of course new york will have it covered.

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