A Dumbo Market From West Elm

DSC_0033On a cobble stoned side street in Dumbo, West Elm have done a very clever thing.  They’ve opened West Elm Market, specialising in products made by local Brooklyn artisans, vintage finds and small producers from across the country. Products and collaborations will change often, so just like any regular market, if you see something you love, you grab it, because it may not be there the next time you visit.

Currently there’s a huge area dedicated to gardening in New York City, which means a focus on rooftop and window horticulture. Working with local experts, like Brooklyn Ground Works (who have created soil specifically for small spaces) and Isabelle Palmer (know as the balcony gardener) a visit to this department makes you instantly dream about starting gardening in any small space you can find.

In true Brooklyn style, they’ve installed a fantastic coffee store by La Colombe which serves perfect coffee and snacks.  A great reason to visit picturesque Dumbo with its mighty views of Manhattan and super easy to get to, it’s just one stop from Manhattan on the F or C train.

West Elm Market. 50 Washington Street. Dumbo. Brooklyn. New York.




  1. At the end of the day this is still a giant chain
    using locals to make money and putting mom-and-pop indies out of business

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