Our Breakfast At Tiffany’s Moment

DSC_0012This morning we grabbed our very own Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment, running up to the store while the streets were still empty to check out the gorgeous Great Gatsby themed windows.

Designed by Tiffany’s in collaboration with Baz Luhrman, the director of the new Great Gatsy film and its production designer Catherine Martin, the windows are breathtaking. The highlight for us, the window with its very own fireworks that just keep exploding above a diamond headpiece, each explosion more exciting than the last.

Tiffany’s has also created a line of fine jewelery inspired by the new Great Gatsby movie.  A girl can dream but even if that’s not on the cards for you, you can still grab your very own Holly Golightly moment and hightail it up to look at the windows one early morning with someone you adore.

Tiffany & Co. 727 5th Avenue at 57th Street. New York. Tel: 212 755 8000


  1. Looks so cool:) b.

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