The Quieter Side of Jeff Koons

DSC_0014This June has been the month of Jeff Koons, with two enormous shows in Chelsea highlighting his latest work.  At Gagosian on 24th Street you can check out Koons’ giant balloon sculptures amid serious museum guards and huge crowds.  Walk a few blocks south to David Zwirner’s gallery on 19th Street and you get to see the other side of Koon’s work.  Here you’ll find quiet gallery spaces filled with pieces of alabaster white sculpture, the type you would find in Athens or Rome, but with Koons’ spin, each piece is holding a cheerful metallic blue ball, making the sculptures modern and totally their own thing.

The show at David Zwirner closes this weekend so there’s only a few more days to check out this wonderful show.

David Zwirner Gallery 525 West 19th Street. New York. 10011. Closes June 29th, 2013
Gagosian Gallery. 555 West 24th Street. New York. 10011. Closes July 3rd, 2013

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