1950s Pin Up Girls at NY Fashion Week

fulldresses copyOne of our favorite things to do during fashion week, is to spot the emerging trends being worn by people attending the shows.  As we photographed New York’s most fashionable this week, one of the freshest trends we noticed was the 1950s pin up girl look.  We saw lots of full skirts, pony tails, bobby socks with sneakers, there was 1950s flare all around.

We think teen actress Morgan Saylor (above right and bottom photographed with Teen Vogue’s Andrew Bevan) of Homeland fame pulled the look off perfectly and looked super adorable in her riff on a classic 1950s dress.




  1. Nice Trend Spotting. I bet I would have missed that one. But, ya’ know, I went to a 50’s sock hop a couple months ago and the ladies did go all out on this trend. And the dresses did look new, not vintage or worn. Of what you have above, my favorite picture is the girl in the pink with the Bright Green bag. Thats a great shot! Maybe a bit more 60’s, but real nice look. Next year, I have to go to NYC in Sept. Sounds like so much fun! We don’t even have a FNO this year in HI. Thanks for sharing the trend and the pix.

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