Jersey Girls (and Boys)

DSC_0096We’ve noticed a trend this week for pairing sport jersey’s with a chic skirt to wonderful effect.  Even classic sport pants with an elegant blazer and clutch somehow looked new, young and totally fresh.

Whether it’s designer like the Anna Sui one (pictured above) or a tongue in check version like the “Hate You” from Urban Outfitters (below), they all looked great.  Our favorite (and maybe it’s the New Yorker in us) were the authentic jerseys from the New York Yankees.




  1. I love to pair a chic top and blazer with sporty pants (even my comfy sweat pants). The key to that outfit is to wear sexy heels. The result is pretty comfy, relaxed and stylish. Great inspiration in the pics above 🙂

    She Wears: Fashion Illustration Blog

  2. ellenandmiki says:

    One of our favourite trends – I definitely think that there is that effortless element to sports luxe which is often overlooked in other styles, and your photos catch it perfectly – love love love!

  3. Love it! Comfy chic:)

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