Hair We Love

DSC_0446The best hair seen on the streets during NY Fashion Week wasn’t the carefully coiffed, meticulously blown out hair, but rather it was hair that looked natural, clean and sometimes a little messy.

We noticed a heavy trend for braids and casual twists, both on and off the catwalk.  Parisian hair genius Laurent Philippon braided the hair so wonderfully at the Karen Walker show (below), we immediately wanted to go home and try the look ourselves.

hair copyDSC_0281DSC_0433DSC_0408DSC_0337DSC_0322DSC_0315DSC_0086DSC_0343DSC_0287DSC_0215



  1. HI! Imagine my surprise I am looking for hair inspiration and I find myself! I have now acquainted myself with your blog and love it! I also had a quick question would it be alright if I saved and used the shot you took of me for my model portfolio? I thought it was best to ask since I totally understand photography ownership. 😉 Thanks for taking such a lovely shot.

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