Advanced Style

DSC_0534Around a year or so ago, a super fashionable friend whose personal style we greatly admire, told us that she’d become absolutely obsessed with the New York blog Advanced Style.  We asked why she was so  interested in the style of New York grandmothers and she excitedly explained that the street style photos captured by the blog’s photographer Ari Seth Cohen (above centre) are amazing.

Cohen spends his days looking for seriously stylish older women on the streets of New York. The women are amazing, chic and ever so stylish and Cohen turns them in to his very own fabulous fashion models.  Earlier this year fashion designer Karen Walker used a slew of Advanced Style models in her eyewear campaign (below top) and we have to say, they rocked those wild Karen Walker glasses out better than anyone else could.

We got to meet some of the gorgeous women from Advanced Style during New York fashion week and as our photos show, it doesn’t matter if you’re 8 or 80, style still rules and it’s never too late to be discovered!

advancestyle copyDSC_0540




  1. This is great, hope I’ll be as stylish when I grow old as they are!
    Annamaria 🙂

  2. Oh wow, this is great! I really admire how they look! Fingers crossed I’ll look the same when I grow old 😉

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