Cindy Lew’s Handmade Jewelry Arrives at VPL

DSC_0032Cindy Lew makes the kind of statement jewelry that garners admiring compliments whenever you wear it.  A relative newcomer to the New York jewelry scene, she has quickly built a cult following as she only produces a few careful pieces at a time and when she does, they sell out fast.  New pieces arrived this week at the VPL boutique in Soho and they’re beautiful.  Each unique necklace can elevate a simple cocktail dress into something elegant and fabulous but will work just as well over this season’s chunky sweaters.

Cindy designs her creations solely around exquisite stones like black diamonds, unusual shaped pearls and gems she obsessively seeks out.  This new collection includes a huge natural Baroque Pearl necklace ($520), a A Pirite Black Diamond and 18kt gold Lariat ($495)  that you wear knotted, creating a multitude of looks and a super sparkly Black Drusy pendant ($360) on a gold chain.

Cindy Lew at VPL. VPL 5 Mercer Street. Soho. NY. 10013. Tel: 212 966 2145



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