Blades Of Nature

Blades-0339_LRCaron Callahan (above left) recently hosted a a gorgeous party at the Wythe Hotel to mark the launch of Jessa Blade’s (above right) natural beauty site  Guests sampled the products while sipping on delicious natural cocktails created by Art In The Age made using yummy seasonal ingredients like sage and rhubarb.

Jessa is a New York based make-up artist whose years in the fashion trenches made her realize how important it is to use chemical free, natural products that are truly good for your skin. The online store is a place where you can trust that the product has been put through thorough testing and high standards by Jessa on shoots and in her personal life.  Everything is beautifully packaged, smells divine and what’s more is truly good for your skin.  The products are super on trend, our favorites include New York natural nail polish Ten Over Ten’s black and shimmery gray colors ($18) and Jessa’s smoky eye kit containing the perfect mascara and soft smudgy liner beautifully packaged in a buttery soft leather purse.
Photo Credit: Hazel Kiesewetter




  1. I like your philosophy. Are your products available in Europe?
    Yvonne Taylor
    author of Norwegian Summers are Short

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