Base Project’s Brilliant Bracelets

Doug & Chris AkinThe Base Project began one night over dinner in New York when brothers Doug and Chris Akin were feeling disenfranchised with their jobs.  They decided they wanted to create a socially motivated fashion brand that would build a bridge between artisans in the developing world and the U.S. fashion market. Their first project, a line of African bracelets came about quite by chance. Doug and Chris were testing a few designs for their line when people kept commenting on a bracelet that Chris wore, given to him years earlier by a friend.  At the time all he knew was that it came from Namibia and so they began tracing its origins, leading them to some of the oldest tribes in Africa and the first line for The Base Project.

The bracelets look like carved wood and we were pretty surprised when we tried them on to realize they were intricately carved out of super durable up-cycled plastic.  You can swim in them, shower, run a triathlon and these sturdy bracelets will endure. The bracelets are produced in Namibia and are now sold in more than 70 countries around the world.  The money is then reinvested in development projects in the same communities where the bracelets were produced.

So successful is The Base Project that they were recently included in the launch of TOMS Marketplace, one of only 30 ethical brands selected from around the world.  The bracelets make a perfect gift this holiday season, beautiful to wear, ethical to give, the best kind of gift money can buy.

The Base Project
TOMS Marketplace

photo (6)The_Base_Project_005baseproject copy



  1. Wow, love those bracelets! x

  2. hint hint, would make a lovely Christmas present.

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