Calder Shadows

If you’re looking for something memorable to do this holiday week in New York then you should check out Calder Shadows at Venus Over Manhattan on the Upper East Side.  The gallery has installed Alexander Calder’s (1898–1976) infamous wire sculptures in a manner that we’ve never seen before.

Venus Over Manhattan’s huge raw gallery space is bathed in almost total darkness and each Calder mobile and sculpture is expertly lit to give a perfect view of the work.  Many of the mobiles move and as they do, so do the delightful shadows.  The magic of the show is the shadows, rather than the objects themselves, giving you pause to realize what a great artist Calder was. This is Calder as you’ve never seen his work before and a wonderful rare treat to experience.

Calder Shadows. Venus Over Manhattan. Until December 21st, 2013. 980 Madison Avenue (between 76th & 77th Street). 3rd Floor. NY. NY. Tel: 212 980 0700VOM_Calder_121 VOM_Calder_712 VOM_Calder_552 _MG_3057 _MG_2908 _MG_3078

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