Saint Laurent Or Not?

DSC_0249With all the snow we’ve had this week, New York is either covered with snow or ice right now so the idea of any glamorous footwear has flown right out the window. Trawling through ideas for something a bit stylish yet practical to traipse around the City, we spotted someone wearing a pair from Saint Laurent.  Perhaps because it’s holiday season (they do seem like they’d look cute dangled off a Christmas tree) the Saint Laurent boots (above) are a riff on a classic biker boot, except with studs, ribbons, buttons and even pearls.

For those who think they couldn’t wear them after the holiday season, they also make a pair with less embellishment (below) which will still give you feet a bit of a rock and roll vibe throughout New York’s grey winter months.

Saint Laurent. 80 Greene Street, Soho. New York. 10013. Tel: 212 431 3240




  1. Love these, but I’d be so scared of “hurting” any of the adornments! I guess one that buys these may not care, though. 😉

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